Here at Garage Door and Shutter Services based in South Lincolnshire near Peterborough, we find that our sectional garage doors are most popular for their practicality with customers requiring garage doors across Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas for their homes and businesses.

Sectional garage doors offer style, safety, security and they are easy to use. Our sectional garage doors create a versatile garage door system for your home or business.


What is a Sectional Garage Door?

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Sectional garage doors open and close in separated individual panel sections, creating the ‘sectional’ garage door. These doors operate vertically with no swing out from the structural opening and tracking mechanism. The great thing about sectional garage doors is that can be installed to almost any shape of garage opening such as arched, angled corners and more; due to the tracking mechanism and structural opening. Sectional garage doors can fit anywhere, no matter the shape or size of your garage opening.

Our high quality, great value sectional garage doors open vertically. This means that our customers that choose sectional garage doors will have more space inside the garage and outside the front of the garage.

The Advantages of a Sectional Garage Door

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    Click to see PDF brochure – new sectional garage doors

    A wider passage is available with sectional garage doors meaning it easier for you to park your vehicle in your garage

  • Sectional garage doors open vertically and then glide along tracks so they are suspended under the ceiling giving extra space both inside and outside the garage
  • Our sectional garage doors are sealed all the way round creating a weather resistant seal on all four sides of the garage door
  • Variable fitting is available with sectional garage doors, allowing them to fit into garages of all shapes and sizes.

Our wide selection of sectional garage doors offer security, practicality, choice of style, a range of finishes, wide selection of materials, different colours and so much more. Why not call our friendly team to discuss the perfect sectional garage door for your home or business? We are always happy to help.