The team here at Garage Door and Shutter Services based in South Lincolnshire near Peterborough, feel that the roller garage door is one of the neatest garage door solutions available for homes and business across Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.


The roller garage door is available with vertical operation with no internal tracking mechanism in your garage at all. Due to no internal tracking mechanism you will have more room on your driveway for parking and there is additional storage space where a standard up and over garage door or sectional garage door would take up the space.

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Many homeowners and businesses love the roller garage doors because you can park your car right up against the roller garage door, from the inside or out, yet you are still able to operate it. All of our roller garage doors are available to be operated by remote control, but if you would prefer a manual version extra head room is required to accommodate the roll for the roller garage door.

What Are The Benefits of a Roller Garage Door?

  • A Roller Garage Door offers good sound installation, which is ideal if your garage is attached to your home
  • A Roller Garage Door offers excellent thermal insulations, which again is ideal if your garage is attached to your home
  • A Roller Garage Door is high performance weather protected, ensuring it’s safe and secure throughout the seasons
  • A Roller Garage Door allows you to use your garage for storage space for anything, not just your car
  • With a Roller Garage Door you don’t need a door frame making it a superb choice if you have a wide car
  • A Roller Garage Door is quiet when in motion so you don’t need to worry about waking neighbours or the family when returning late or leaving early
  • With a Roller Garage Door you still have full access to the roof space of your garage
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Our automatic roller garage doors come complete with 110db alarm and a wireless safety edge as standard with a safety brake fitted where required.

Roller garage doors are always made to measure, but not at a premium price, so irrespective of your garage size a roller door will always fit.

Our commitment to quality ensures that your roller garage door will last for years to come, offering exceptional security, insulation and protection for your home.

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